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Hello, I’m Dominico Johnston.  Thank you for visiting my site!

The site is in the process of a major content update. A large amount of the information has been taken offline while the update occurs.  Please be patient and check back regularly to see the changes. Thank you.

I’ve built this site to provide you with a better understanding of who I am, my experiences and my accomplishments.  While the content is primarily focused on my professional en devours, some of then content does cross over to the personal side.  Sometimes what you do professionally, you’re also personally engaged in, as well.  That’s certainly not a bad thing.

If you have any feedback, questions, or other inquiries direct them to me via email at DomJohnston at att.net.

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Welcome to my site.  I thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy your stay.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about my professional experience, education or some of my personal interests, you can find information about each topic via the navigation menu above.

If you wish to contact me directly, I can be reached at DomJohnton at att.net.

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Work History

If I’ve learned anything through my work experiences is that if everything is a priority, then truly nothing is a priority.  Obtaining results and achieving success is about defining scope and staying focused.  I encourage you to explore my work history to learn more about the accomplishments and responsibilities of my past and current employment. Learn More.

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Non-Profit Work

For the past three years I have been a Board Member with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Merced County. It is a very rewarding experience and has enabled me to help the community I am a part of in a very specific way, while further developing my organizational knowledge-base and understanding. As part of the Board, I have helped further their fundraising and marketing objectives. Learn more.

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Web Development

In 1999 I began developing websites primarily as a hobby.  I have gone on to develop sites for companies, organizations and individuals. Today I focus more on the project management side of site development, but enjoy staying fresh with a certain amount of hands-on development. I currently maintain two sites that run on WordPress and MojoPortal respectively. Learn More.

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